Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello Everyone!

The girls at the IGJ Collection have been hard at work coming up with new items and getting ready for the Ferret 500 in June.

Have you been to our online store lately?  We have not only new items, but also a newly designed store and logo.  Come check it out 
A couple of items to look for are the new clay ferret earrings and necklaces and also a new 
lined cube with no exposed raw edges. And don't forget we have a link for an online 
Scentsy store too.  The new spring Scentsy items are out and new scents too!

Today is Feature Friday!  Yay!  Liz Knudson is a very talented designer who also redesigned our logo! (Big thank you, Liz!) She did an awesome job!  Liz makes clay flat ferrets and ferrets pins.  She also designs cards, paints ornaments and paints purses.  For Feature Friday we are showcasing the purse below.  You can find it at

We will be launching another online auction this weekend.  We are still working to get the remainder of our sponsorship for the Ferret 500.  Also once we meet our goal, Isabella Gucci Jones' mom will have to fly in a small plane with no bathroom.  Anyone who knows April knows she is not a fan of flying in a small airplane.  The plane will be piloted by April's evil friend, Heather, who intends to give her the ride of her life!  The flight will be video'd so everyone can experience the terror right along with April.  The video will be played the night before the Ferret 500 at the fairgrounds.  The cost of the plane and fuel are 100% donated by Heather and no funds raised will go to anything other than the Ferret 500 sponsorship.

So what are you waiting for?  Check out our website and our online auctions and find some uber cool items for you and your ferrets!

Monday, February 18, 2013

In honor of the 2nd Annual The Ferret 500, The Isabella Gucci Jones Collection will be Co-Sponsoring the Show. We have decided to make April (Isabella Gucci Mom) Dream (Ummm, yeah dream not really) come true and get her to Fly in a Plane WITHOUT a bathroom April has agreed to fly in the plane if we can raise $500. If we raise $750 Heather  will actually SPIN the Plane We will have a raffle in place and for every $10 donated to this cause, your name will be put into a raffle, and we will have 3 names drawn. We currently have a Crinkle Set (One full tunnel, Two half tunnels, and One sleep sack), a Bedding set made by Brenda Taylor, and another Bedding/Jewelry Set made by April Livieri and Heather Pittman If we do get more items we will draw more names

This spectacular event will be recorded and shown the night before the Show I personally cannot wait to see this. and posted on Google + You tube and Facebook I only wish Facetime worked up in the sky so I could get a first-hand view into this one time, never going to happen again event
Paypal info or other questions
Staci (designer at IGJ)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Little Brothers!

Little brothers drive me nuts! I have three; Bubba, Hudson (huddie) and my new brother Ranger. Not only do they lack a sense of  fashion or manners, but they spend the day driving me up a Tower of Fun ! I realize I am outnumbered but I am not outsmarted! Like Ranger, he was up until 4am the other night watching James Bond  and other super spy movies...What a dork. Really Ranger? Double 0h 7? Then he goes to a ferret play date flirting with a jill named  Keiko, showing off his climbing ability. "Oh, Ranger isn't that dangerous?" He winks at her and, in a Bond-like style, "danger is my middle name!" HEY Ranger.....Danger IS your middle name...really, that is the name mommy gave you. Yes, your mommy! ::::eye roll:::::: Huddie is a little more clever but not less annoying. He is big music fan. He downloads music to my pink iphone and replays the same songs over and over and over again. This month it's "Party Rock",  "Sorry For Partying Rocking" and "I'm Sexy And I Know It". I like LMFAO too but running around naked and wiggling your furry butt is just plain embarrassing.  I will not be hosting my friends over for a sleepover until he downloads different music. Bubba is the gross one. He digs in the dirt, plays in the litter box and all the other gross things brothers do. Worst of all, he always wants to lay next to me after he does all the gross things..even though he smells bad.

Brothers drive me up a Tower Of  Fun...but I can always chase them down the Tower, so I guess it can't be that bad. Mom could have gotten me an ant farm instead.

No offense to ants, but little brothers are better.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Last night I was lying on my favorite pink blanket flipping the channels with mom, She stopped at a show that was talking about a women in Hollywood that loves the color pink so much she wears pink lives in pink and carries pink food color so she can eat pink...oh and her dog dyed in beet juice pink...Wow I thought.. So I turned to mom and gave her my famous cute look she said  "no way Izzy your not dying your fur pink.....and before you ask no I am not dying your food pink and painting the house pink or your nails or your dog no way it is not happening"
Kitty Kay are my hero!
So I  am holding out for the pink phone for my room...what I can try can't I?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Being a ferret is pretty cool

Last night I was swinging in my hammy...thinking...being a ferret is pretty cool. I mean I sleep like 18 hours out of the day...I get all my food and treats delivered to me on a bowl...I will never bring a boy home that my parents hate. Tattoos, Pink hair, nose piercing...are all off the table.

But then I realized the best thing about being a ferret is ....I get to run around naked.. all day..all night and no one  thinks twice about it!

-Isabella Gucci Jones

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hello Friends!

Welcome to my very own blog! Here I will share pics, videos and links to things I like....If you follow me on facebook follow me here too..I mean I am pretty sure you don't want to miss anything....

Yep! I do it without opposable thumbs.